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خانه محصولاتE-Light Ipl RF

2000W E-Light Ipl RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Vascular Therapy Acne Removal

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2000W E-Light Ipl RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Vascular Therapy Acne Removal

تصویر بزرگ :  2000W E-Light Ipl RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Vascular Therapy Acne Removal

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Beijing
نام تجاری: MB
گواهی: CE
Model Number: MB602B


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Standard Hand piece: 12*30mm or 15x50mm with 5 filters bipolar RF Probe: 15mm:for eyes & face; 25mm:for face & body; 40mm:for body
Energy: 0-50J/cm2(IPL) 0-50J/cm2(RF) Pulse width: 0.1-9.9ms
Pulse number: 1-99 Pulse delay: 1-99ms
Shot Frequency: 1-10 second adjustable Lamp longevity: 100,000shots

2000W Elight Ipl RF hair removal skin rejuvenation vascular therapy acne removal


What is OPT?


OPT is based on more than a photon pulse technology, ineffective spectrum does not act on the skin, so the hair removal when no pain. This instrument is fast epilation OPT + E light multifunction one machine assembly. Utilizing the principle of selective absorption of light, to generate heat follicle, the follicle necrosis and temperature increases, so as to achieve the effect of hair permanently eliminate.


The difference between SHR machine and normal IPL

Compared to normal IPL machines, SHR is much more professional:
1. SHR machine works with single pulse mode can emit energy averagely. While IPL machine

works with multipulse mode which focus energy on first pulse, which is very easy to burn patients.
2. SHR filtered violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb water from target

skin. So SHR does not have any side-effect to body.
3. SHR uses DEC technology. Identified function makes operation simple, and makes treatment

4. Bigger frequency (from 1 to 10Hz) used in SHR machine, Which accelerate operation speed

and save a lot of treatment time.
5. Stationary technology & Inmotion technology. SHR means that moving IPL can use less time

to do treatment on back, leg and arm.



Display 8.4 inch touch display
Standard Hand piece 12*30mm or 15x50mm with 5 filters
bipolar RF Probe : 15mm:for eyes & face; 25mm:for face & body; 40mm:for body

480nm-1200nm for acne, vascular lesion.

530nm-1200nm for red face, red nose, spider veins, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle Removal

590nm-1200nm for pigmentation removal, age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles

640nm-1200nm for hair removal ,depilation

690nm-1200nm for breast enhance

430nm,560nm,750nm for your choices

Energy 0-50J/cm2(IPL) 0-50J/cm2(RF)
Pulse width 0.1-9.9ms
Pulse number 1-99
Pulse delay 1-99ms
Shot Frequency 1-10 second adjustable
Lamp longevity 100,000shots
Cooling system Wind+ water+ semiconductor+ car pump
Power 2000W
10 Language English, Spanish, French, Italian ,German, Chinese, CZ, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, etc
Pack size : 66x61x52cm
Net weight : 32KG
Gross weight 49KG
Package include

1. Main Machine X 1

2. E-light Handle X 1

3. Bipolar RF Handle X 3 tips

4. Filter X 5

5. Protective Goggles X 2

6. Funnel X 1

7. Foot Switch X 1

8. English manual/instructions

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